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Epson Stylus Photo Pro 4880 A2+

Our Price £2,199.99
   Our Price £2,199.99
Product code: P4800


SPECIFICATION, Print Technology: Epson Micro Piezo™ drop-on-demand inkjet technology , Epson Variable-sized Droplet Technology and 3.5pl ,Epson Ultra Micro Dot™ , Print head configuration: 180 nozzles x 8 colours , Ink System: 9 colour pigmented ink (C, M, Y, LC, LM, LK, LLK, Photo K, Matte K) with CSIC with 8 slots (one slot for interchangable Matte K and Photo K) , Ink conversion cartridges required for ink change between Matte K and Photo K are delivered with the unit Resolution: 2880 x 1440dpi Epson Variable-sized ,,Droplet Technology Speed: Up to 12 m²/Hr (Plain Paper/Draft mode) , Driver: Mac OS® X, OS® 9. Microsoft® Windows® 98/ 2000 / XP , Interfaces: Standard: USB 2.0 (Compatible with 1.1), IEEE 1394 (FireWire) Cables Not Included , Option: Expansion slot for Type B interface (Ethernet) Roll Dimensions: Core diameter 2' or 3". Max. outside diameter F150mm , PAPER HANDLING , Roll Media: , Cut Sheet: Single roll (1 roll < 150mm / outside diameter f) media width 203.2mm - 431.8mm (8" - 17") minimum media length 279mm media thickness 0.08mm - 0.50mm high capacity paper tray with automatic sheet feed (up to 250 pcs of plain paper) manual insertion feeder for media up to 1.5mm media width size a4/ltr - a2/c,(210mm - 431.8mm) media length 279mm - 610mm. media thickness 0.08mm - 1.50mm print margins roll media: 4 modes available; mode 1: 3mm on all edges (top, sides, bottom); mode 2: 15mm (top and bottom), 3mm (sides); mode 3: 15mm (top, sides, bottom) mode 4: 25mm (top and bottom) 3mm (side) 2 modes available; mode 1: 3mm (top, sides, bottom); mode 2: 3mm (top and sides) 14mm (bottom) edge to edge/borderless printing roll media / cut sheet: both edge-to-edge and full bleed*1 for the following media widths: 8"*2,10", 12",14", 16", 17", 210mm, 257mm, 300mm, 329mm, 400mm, 420mm*1. top and bottom edges can be automatically cut to any length *1 full bleed only available on roll media *2 8" & 420mm requires space 150mm="" outside="" diameter="" f)="" media="" width="" 203.2mm="" -="" 431.8mm="" (8"="" -="" 17")="" minimum="" media="" length="" 279mm="" media="" thickness="" 0.08mm="" -="" 0.50mm="" high="" capacity="" paper="" tray="" with="" automatic="" sheet="" feed="" (up="" to="" 250="" pcs="" of="" plain="" paper)="" manual="" insertion="" feeder="" for="" media="" up="" to="" 1.5mm="" media="" width="" size="" a4/ltr="" -="" a2/c,(210mm="" -="" 431.8mm)="" media="" length="" 279mm="" -="" 610mm.="" media="" thickness="" 0.08mm="" -="" 1.50mm="" print="" margins="" roll="" media:="" 4="" modes="" available;="" mode="" 1:="" 3mm="" on="" all="" edges="" (top,="" sides,="" bottom);="" mode="" 2:="" 15mm="" (top="" and="" bottom),="" 3mm="" (sides);="" mode="" 3:="" 15mm="" (top,="" sides,="" bottom)="" mode="" 4:="" 25mm="" (top="" and="" bottom)="" 3mm="" (side)="" 2="" modes="" available;="" mode="" 1:="" 3mm="" (top,="" sides,="" bottom);="" mode="" 2:="" 3mm="" (top="" and="" sides)="" 14mm="" (bottom)="" edge="" to="" edge/borderless="" printing="" roll="" media="" cut="" sheet:="" both="" edge-to-edge="" and="" full="" bleed*1="" for="" the="" following="" media="" widths:="" 8"*2,10",="" 12",14",="" 16",="" 17",="" 210mm,="" 257mm,="" 300mm,="" 329mm,="" 400mm,="" 420mm*1.="" top="" and="" bottom="" edges="" can="" be="" automatically="" cut="" to="" any="" length="" *1="" full="" bleed="" only="" available="" on="" roll="" media="" *2="" 8"="" &="" 420mm="" requires="">
Delivered next working day if ordered before 2pm *UK only

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