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Canon ML3 Macrolite

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price: Price £59.00
Product code: COM-IV47BQ25313
ML3 Macrolite
Designed for use with Canon EOS models, the ML-3 macro ring lite flash provides totally automatic through-the-lens flash metering for perfectly exposed close-ups. Combined with the autofocus operation of the EF 50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro, close-up flash photography has been made extremely easy. Automatic fill-in flash is also possible with the ML-3. The focusing lamp function allows for precise visualization of the image before exposure. The ML-3 may be used in shutter priority, aperture priority, program AE and manual modes with most Canon EOS models, which includes older EOS 650, 630, 620 etc. as well as newer series EOS cameras.

In fact, ML-3 can also be used with the FD-mount Canon T90 and FD Macro Lenses (50mm f3.5 & FD 100mm f4.0 MACRO) via Macrolite Adapters 52C or 58C for total TTL flash control. All functions of the ML-3 are effective when used with the T90. Canon recommends the use of Aperture Priority or Stop Down AE mode when uses the ML-3 with EOS cameras although Shutter Priority AE and Program AE mode can be used. Depth of Field AE will be automatically switches to Program AE as DOF mode is not workable in flash mode. Similar to any flash photography, make sure the camera model is set within the maximum sync speed for that particular model.
Multiple flash is also possible with combination of Speedlite 480EG, 420EZ, 430EZ, 300EZ or 540 EZ. However, A-TTL is not always working, normal TTL is safer. The number of connecting cord must be within a combined length less than 29ft.

Technical Specification:-

Type: Automatic, ringlight flash with TTL metering capability, thyristor-type circuitry. Special lens-mounted automatic electronic flash system for close-up photography
Construction: Two-part construction consisting of flash unit (two lamps) and control unit with built-in power source
Guide Number: (ISO 100, feet) 36 or 11 (in metre)
Film Speed:- ISO 6-6400 auto set according to camera settings
Recycling Time: (with both flash heads) 0.2-13 seconds w/alkaline batteries, 0.2-6 seconds w/Ni-Cd batteries
Number of Flashes: (TTL Auto Mode) approx. 100-1000 w/alkaline batteries, more than approx. 45-450 w/Ni-Cd batteries
Flash Duration: 1.5ms or less
Auto Aperture:- read above
Pilot Lamp: (red) Glows when flash is sufficiently charged
Focusing Lamp: When focusing lamp switch is depressed, two small lamps glow for approx. 20 seconds
Auto Check Lamp: (green) Glows for approx. 2 seconds after firing of flash to verify correct auto/TTL exposure
Auto Bounce:- No
Flash Coverage: 80 degrees (when used for non-macro illumination, for 35mm format covers angle of view of 28mm lens); Compact-Macro EF 50mm f/2.5 with EOS Cameras; Canon FD 50mm f/3.5 Macro; Canon FD 100 mm f/4 Macro; Canon FD 200mm f/4 Macro
Flash Control System: TTL off the film plane with compatible cameras. Provided with auto flash adjustment system when using fill-in flash.
Working distance/Flash coupling Range: - approx. 20mm to 4m from front of flash elements
Flash Head: - Two main flash tubes on left and right hand side. One tube is possible by illumination changeover switch.
Energy Saving: - 5 minutes auto off
Color Temperature: Daylight
Power Source: Four "AA" alkaline or NiCd batteries
Dimensions (WXHXD): Control Unit: 215/16'X23/8' X43/16" (74X60.5X106.5mm) Flash Unit: 43/,6'x47/,"X'5/,,* (106X123X24.5mm)
Weight: Control Unit: 77 oz. (225g) (without batteries) Flash Unit: 47 oz. (140g)
Delivered next working day if ordered before 2pm *UK only

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