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Shimoda Strap Booster Kit

Our Price £18.00
   Our Price £18.00
Product code: 520-252
Strap Booster Kit


Our Strap Booster Kit allows you to fine tune the fit of your backpack. Especially handy for taller and broader photographers who need a little more room in the backpack's harness.

Each kit comes with 3 extension straps that allow you to adjust and extend the fit of the upper and lower shoulder straps, and extend the diameter of the waist belt. With Shimoda shoulder straps and belts already having built in adjustments, the new kit offers even more room and fine tuning for bigger and taller creators.

The Strap Booster Kit not only allows for creators to have perfect torso and hip bone fits, but it is also ideal for those using Capture Clip's and lowering its mounting position.  

The kit was developed with heavier set and taller (up to 204cm tall) customers.


UPPER BOOSTER - The Upper Booster allows taller and broader users to position both the straps and backpacks position lower on a taller or broader torso. This lets the shoulder straps and pack sit in a more natural position on the upper body. With the pack's ability to be lower on the back, the belt will sit on the hip bone and relieve weight placed on the shoulders. It also lets the shoulder straps sit lower, so photographers who use a Capture Clip have more mounting location options. The Booster's give a 10cm extension, which can be further fine-tuned by the torso adjustments on the bag and Lower Boosters.

LOWER BOOSTERS - Ideal for taller and broader torso users when paired with the Upper Booster's, the Lower Booster's extend the amount of adjustability of the lower shoulder straps. This allows bigger users to fit a bag designed for a relatively smaller person and take full advantage of our bag designs. A tall user can use a smaller torso bag and have a proper weight distributing fit. The strap offers 20cm of adjustment.

BELT BOOSTER - If you have a bigger waist, our Belt Booster will provide an extra 20cm of diameter to the belt. This will provide both comfort and take advantage of weight distribution and relief effects that backpack belts offer.

QUALITY COMPONENTS - Our Booster Kit is constructed with YKK components,
high-grade aluminium and Nylon webbing, contributing a long lasting and high-durability Booster Kit.

Delivered next working day if ordered before 2pm *UK only

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