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Fujifilm 23mm F1.4 XF R LM WR

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RRP £829.00   Our Price £809.00
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23mm F1.4 XF R LM WR


The XF23mmF1.4 is a new-generation prime lens, designed with a view to support future camera sensors of even greater resolution and setting the new benchmark for XF lenses for the highest level of image resolution capability. With the highly-versatile wide focal length of 23mm (equivalent to 35mm in the 35mm film format), the lens boasts uncompromising optical performance to deliver incredible sharpness even when wide open at F1.4. It controls camera shake and digital noise in low light, giving users flexibility on when to shoot. Its shallow-depth of field renders the background out-of-focus for creamy bokeh, adding three-dimensional definitions to the main subject. The use of nine aperture blades ensures nearly round shape bokeh effect even around the maximum aperture.

Coupled with advanced close-up capability, the lens accommodates a broad range of shooting situations.

The new XF23mmF1.4 features a fast and highly-accurate AF in compact, lightweight and ruggedized construction to take advantage of the fully overhauled optical performance in stills, video and all shooting situations. The use of a linear motor means the AF system is driven silently to attain focus highly accurately in as fast as 0.04 seconds, capturing a decisive photo opportunity in all conditions. The added ruggedized design offering dust- and moisture-resistant construction and the capability to operate at temperatures as low as -10?, affords X system’s signature mobility while delivering advanced optical performance expected of large-aperture lenses, in all shooting conditions. The XF23mmF1.4 rewrites the existing benchmark to drive the evolution of the X Series for the next decade and beyond.

*1 Compliant with the CIPA Guidelines, when mounted on the mirrorless digital camera “FUJIFILM X-T4” with Phase Detection AF activated and the High-Performance Mode turned ON.

Key Features:

New-generation resolution performance with edge-to-edge sharpness when wide open at F1.4

The lens consists of 15 lens elements, including two aspherical elements and three ED elements, in 10 groups to effectively minimize chromatic aberration and spherical aberration, delivering edge-to-edge sharpness even when wide open. The focusing group in the middle control’s aspherical aberration and chromatic aberration. A two-element lens group including an aspherical lens at the far end reduces fluctuation of aberration caused by the movements of focusing elements, securing superior image quality across all focusing range from close-up to infinity.

Boasting the maximum aperture of F1.4, the lens allows users to produce high-quality pictures with minimal camera shake and digital noise even in low light conditions such as poorly-lit indoors and nightscape. At F1.4, the lens provides a shallow depth-of-field to render background out-of-focus for creamy bokeh, adding a clear contrast and three-dimensional definitions to sharply-focused the main subject on the focal plane. Comatic aberration is also well-controlled to capture small light sources as round points, avoiding colour casts in the background in bokeh. The use of nine aperture blades ensures nearly round shape bokeh effect even around the maximum aperture.

Popular wide-angle focal length and broad shooting range

The XF23mmF1.4 offers a popular and highly-versatile focal length of 23mm (equivalent to 35mm in the 35mm film format) with the minimal working distance of 19cm and the maximum magnification of 0.2x. The close-up capability, a huge improvement over the previous model, enables a dynamic framing characteristic of wide-angle lenses, capturing the main subject in close-up while bringing a greater spread of background into the frame. Users enjoy greater flexibility, as they do not need to worry about the distance from the main subject.

Silent, fast and highly-accurate AF

The lightweight design of XF23mmF1.4’s focusing lens group means it is driven by a linear motor, resulting in silent, fast and highly-accurate AF. The AF is achieved with the Inner Focus system, which keeps the range of movements for the focusing lens group small while improving the level of precision in controlling the amount of focusing required within the range. The focus is attained in as fast as 0.04 seconds, ensuring that users do not miss a decisive photo opportunity. *1

The lens maintains focus highly accurately even in the AF-C mode, and is also optically designed to reduce changes in angle of view, caused by focus breathing, to approximately 0.011%, making it an ideal choice for video recording.

The mechanism that drives the six-element focusing group together reduces fluctuation of aberration caused by focusing, producing clear and crisp images at all focus positions from close-up to infinity.

Advanced mobility based on compact, lightweight and weather-resistant construction

The XF23mmF1.4 is compact and lightweight, weighing approximately 375g and measuring 77.8mm long with the filter thread size of 58mm. The external diameter of the focusing lens group is kept small to accommodate a linear motor in the space created to achieve a slimline design.

The lens barrel is weather-sealed at 11 locations so that it is dust and weather resistant and can be used at temperatures as low as -10?, accommodating snapshots in rain, astrophotography in cold winter nights and changes in external conditions seamlessly.

The focus ring has an improved control resolution for greater control, especially during manual focusing at a shallow depth of field. The gear pitch inside the focus ring is carefully designed for advanced movement detection capability, enabling linear focusing that responds precisely to the subtlest of fingertip movements.

The A (auto) Position Lock offers reliable operation, locking the aperture ring in place to avoid any unintentional adjustment during shooting.

The shape of knurling on the focus ring is carefully designed to make it easy to remove dirt stuck in grooves.


Lens Type:

Prime Wide-Angle

Lens Mount:

Fuji X

Focal Length (mm):


Maximum Aperture:


Minimum Aperture:


Number of Lens Elements:


Number of Lens Groups:


Aperture Blades:


Minimum Focus Distance (m):


Filter Thread Size (mm):


Size (D x L) mm:

67 x 77.8

Weight (g):


Delivered next working day if ordered before 2pm *UK only

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