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Other - Pano Pro Vitual 360 World - Demo Available

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price: Price £589.00
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The Pano Pro is the largest, sharpest mirror lens on the market. Retractable design for mirror protection and portability. Widest angle capture of ANY mirror lens. FREE unlimited software with included 'flickr' upload facility built in! Or host your own panoramas - your choice. 60 degree view above horizon. 60 degree view below horizon. 360 horizontal view. No ongoing fees or pay per click. Free unwrapping software. Free upload software to Flickr. 9.8cm mirror. 17x11x11cm closed size. Attaches to any camera with tripod mount. All glass mirror. Metal threads for reliable attachment. Spirit level in cap. Aerospace quality mirror. All glass central flat optic. Capture your virtual moments like never before Breath new life to your digital photos. The possibilities are enormous, from capturing vista's on tops of mountains to wedding photos that actually make the viewer feel like they are part of the event. Busy social moments can be captured in an instant, bringing the emotions more vividly to the screen than just a normal photo can. Take professional real estate photos with a clarity never before seen, with this unrivalled virtual tour panoramic equipment. Designed with quality in mind To ensure the best possible quality Pano Pro have produced the largest panoramic mirror for this kind of application. Bigger mirrors help in two ways. They increase a camera’s focal depth which will lead to a sharper picture. They also draw more light towards your camera which allows for a smaller aperture giving you a sharper picture. The Pano Pro MkII™ lens has been built to maximize every pixel of sharpness from your camera, delivering unparalleled quality. User friendly If you are a novice at computers or photography do not worry. You will be able to display your virtual moments online in a few simple steps. Place the lens on your camera either directly by screwing it onto the lens or via the tripod screw on the bottom of your camera with our universal adapter. Take one photo and load it into our virtual tour software where it automatically processed. You can now upload it straight to your 3D Flickr account, e-mail it to your friends or just view it on a computer with the free 360° viewer. Get creative You can produce great panoramic photos, capture stunning virtual moments and also create some great false perspective photos. If you are into HDR photography you can also use this lens to get some stunning results with the aid of third party HDR software such as Photomatix or Photoshop. No more stitching No longer are you limited to the type of virtual moment you can capture. This lens can work almost anywhere from crowded places to the tops of mountains. You can even use the Pano Pro whilst travelling in a car or going up an escalator! - each one with just one photo. With cameras now having the capabilities of 12 megapixels or more as standard, almost any camera will produce great results. With the first prosumer (professional-consumer) 25 megapixel camera just released by Sony the A900 camera shows that the future for panoramic lenses will get better and better. Hours spent loading hundreds of photos into a computer and laboriously stitching them all together to priduce your panoramas is a thing of the past. Build quality With a full glass mirror, that is built to aerospace and laser standards, patented profile shape, unique sliding mechanism, so your mirror can be safely tucked away in your camera bag when not in use, full aluminum threads, rather than plastic, inbuilt sprit level, and a full glass central flat optic, there has be no compromise of quality at any stage in the design and manufacturing process. Designed by photographers for photographers. With you into the future With the hardware and software already working for still photos the next step will be for video. There is already third party video software that will work with the Pano Pro™ lens, but expect the Pano Pro software update to bring new features to this area. Good things come to those that wait It has taken over 10 years to produce this patented mirror. At first Pano Pro were told a mirror of this size and quality could not be produced but after investing development costs in excess of $700,000 they have managed to produce this groundbreaking product. Now enjoy. Advice on using the Pano Pro with DSLRs (Digital SLR Cameras) With all DSLR cameras we suggest your purchase the universal camera mounting bracket for DSLRs. This will make it easier to focus and zoom your lens without the the weight of the Pano Pro lens pushing down and 'telescoping' your lens. The ideal lens to use is one with approximately 50mm of zoom for a standard DSLR camera with a 1.6x crop factor (such as a Canon 450D/500D/550D etc.). e.g. a 18-55mm zoom lens would work. If you have a prime lens, e.g. a 80mm. You can still move the mirror further away with the universal adapter. Your lens should be able to focus at approximately 80cm or closer. For cameras with full frame sensors with a 1x crop factor found on top end DSLRs (such as a Canon 5D MKII/Nikon D3 etc.) you will need 140mm of zoom (Some 100mm prime macro lenses will work too). For 1.3x crop factor DSLRs (medium to high budget) you will need 61mm of zoom (60mm prime will be fine). Camera set-up Varies from lens to lens but an "f" number of about 20 works best in aperture priority mode. Turn off any anti shake, and use centre spot metering. You can also shoot using exposure bracketing to maximize getting your shot lit well.
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