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Cokin Full ND Kit H300-01

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Product Description

The Full ND Kit from Cokin contains a set of three ND filters: P152 Neutral Grey ND2 (0.3); P153 Neutral Grey ND4 (0.6); and P154 Neutral Grey ND8 (0.9). Designed to reduce the amount of light reaching the sensor without affecting the colour balance, these filters can be used alongside a long shutter speed to capture smooth motion in waterfalls and cloudy skies, and allow you to play with backgrounds, distance and depth of field. The ND2 is equivalent to a 1 stop shutter speed/aperture decrease, the ND4 corresponds to a loss of light equivalent to two stops, and the ND8 is suitable for a 3 stop shutter speed/aperture decrease.

This kit does not contain a filter holder or adapter ring
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