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Leica M7 Starter Kit

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Product Description

M7 0.72x Black Body + 50mm F2 Lens.
Convenience and fast operation of the camera have been enhanced even further with automatic shutter speed control and detail improvements. The Leica cloth focal plane shutter - with its vibration-free and quiet action is a must for a genuine Leica M camera - is now controlled electronically. Form, size and the proven operating concept were retained without changes. Virtually all system components of the preceding models remain compatible. Photography with the LEICA M7 is a surprisingly and yet unchanged experience.--- Features

* Make automatic exposures: stepless automatic shutter speed control with metered value storage
* Work more accurately: cloth focal plane shutter controls exposure times electronically
* Stay informed at all times: Unique LED integrated in the viewfinder
* Start immediately: An ON/OFF switch is positioned ergonomically right next to the release button.
* Flash at ultra-high exposure times: In conjunction with special Metz flash units can now flash at synch speeds up to 1/1000 second.
* Use flash creatively: Flash unit can also be triggered by the second shutter curtain.
* Prevent faulty exposures: DX coding and override feature in the automatic exposure mode.
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