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Commission Sales

Specialists Ffordes were one of the first if not the first photographic dealer to offer commission sales on a large and professional scale, we have now sold in excess of 250,000 items for customers and the scheme has grown in strength and size. We can accommodate one or two items of unwanted equipment or a fully comprehensive outfit; one customer used us to sell an entire collection of over 320 camera bodies and lenses.

Each item is thoroughly checked and tested before sale and if there should be any problems you will be notified before any repairs are carried out and the equipment offered for sale. We can arrange repairs at competitive prices and notify you of costs before work proceeds. The costs of any repairs are then deducted when the item is sold, so there is no need to pay up front.

For your convenience we can arrange for one of the couriers we regularly use to collect your equipment at our special contract rates and deliver your equipment to us the following next day. The equipment is also fully insured as soon as the courier collects it. Your equipment is also insured while in our possession.

When we have checked the equipment we then inspect it and give you a suggested selling price for each item: this is based on current market trends and over 50 years experience. If you are not happy with our valuation there is no harm done and we will arrange for the equipment to be returned to you straight away. Customers who have used us for commission sales in the past have usually been delighted with the sums they receive, we can ask more than a private sale as we can offer a trade-in facility, and also take credit cards as well as giving a full guarantee.

When a commission sale item has been sold you will be sent a remittance slip along with a cheque, the remittance slip will show you what we have sold.

We will not accept an offer on any piece of commission stock unless we have spoken to you first; it is also unlikely to happen, as we know what the price should be.

We charge a set 20% commission: what do you get for that?
This will pay for any credit card charges incurred when someone purchases your equipment with a credit card.

It will also include the VAT we have to pay the government for the service we are providing.
It will advertise your equipment in our weekly advertisement in the Amateur Photographer magazine, which is updated every week.
It will advertise your equipment on our own Web-Site.
It will guarantee your equipment.
It will give you the expertise of over 38 years of selling photographic equipment with knowledgeable staff and a full back up service.

So take the hassle out of selling and give us a try.

If you would like to discuss any details about commission selling or would like an approximation of how much your equipment is worth please don't hesitate in contacting Stephen Byford.

Ffordes Photographic Amateur Photographer Dealer of the Year 95-96

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